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**Please get in touch with Allie via email enquiry prior to booking, if your dog has resource guarding or bite/aggression history. 

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Why Choose SitDropStay Dog Training?

While many dog trainers and obedience schools focus on teaching mechanical actions, we find this rarely helps or gives owners control in real life situations. Your dog can be clever and educated but still ignore you. It also isn’t fair to expect a dog to listen to you if you haven’t learned to lead them effectively.

A dog whisperer understands and uses relationship, connection, energy, body language and focus of thought (intent) as the primary form of communication rather than focusing purely on teaching mechanical body actions (conditioning).

We understand that it is our relationship with our dogs and our own behaviour around them that is the foundation of achieving a deeper connection and willing co-operation.

We coach you, not just your dog. Dog obedience requires an empowered owner. Our trainers will help you develop qualities and behaviours that mean your dog will want to co-operate with you, and not just because you are holding a handful of treats!

Dogs are a reflection of their environment and the messages they are receiving. We show you how to improve your communication skills, how to respond rather than react – it’s about training humans, its not just about the dog.

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Thanks to Allie, we have a different pup after just one week of trying her tips and strategies. Beau is much more relaxed and happy pup, and we're so grateful for the help.

Riley and Emma

So much made sense after our consult with Allie. Skye's behaviour is improving and her world is opening up. Our walks are so much better, and we have a much less stressed dog. Thanks to Allie and the team at Sitdropstay!

Sam and Isla

Allie put things in a way we could understand and helped us to see our part in the process of training Luna to change her over reactive ways. We highly recommend Allie and the team at Sitdropstay. Thanks for helping us!


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