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Image by Jason Blackeye


I always had a love of animals and spent many hours helping others with their dogs as a hobby. After leaving corporate life seeking a new direction in small business, I serendipitously met George from Sitdropstay Australia and liked his holistic approach to dog training.

I am the proud mum of my much loved fur babies; a Wire-haired Vizsla called Storm, and a Greyhound called Breeze. They are both chalk and cheese but seem to balance each other somehow. 

I operate the Canberra Territory of Sitdropstay after completing hundreds of hours of doggie consults, and successfully completing the only nationally accredited dog training and behaviour course in Australia with the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF). I have also trained intensively in the Canine Leadership System incorporating The Pattern Learning Training Method with ACP (Reward Based Dog Handling Techniques). When I'm not training owners to train their dogs, I'm out and about with my family and the doggos enjoying the great outdoors. 

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