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I always had a love of animals, grew up in Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, and spent many hours helping others with their dogs as a hobby until I made a living out of it.  Starting a business & working with animals & people ...   who wouldn't love that? Right? Ok maybe not everyone!  


Re metaphors: A recent meme I came across in a coffee shop resonates: "I had my DNA analyzed. It came back with four main components. Cheese, Chocolate, Coffee, and Crazy." 


Re my dogs. I am the proud mum of my much loved fur babies; a Wire-haired Vizsla called Storm, and two Greyhounds called Billy & Breezy--a loved up pair who met and became bonded. Every morning I wake, see my dogs, and say: "Greetings My Followers" ....   


Re training: I have completed more than my fair share of hours of doggie consults, and successfully completed the only nationally accredited dog training and behaviour course in Australia (National Dog Trainers Federation or NDTF). I also trained intensively in the Canine Leadership System incorporating The Pattern Learning Training Method with ACP (Reward Based Dog Handling Techniques). 


When I'm not training owners to train their dogs, I'm out and about with the doggos enjoying the great outdoors, planning new adventures (hopefully not misadventures), and occasionally travelling the globe. 

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