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"Our Dog is our Mirror"by Kevin Behan

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This book by Kevin Behan is a rather fascinating read, and it is not some cutesy dog anecdote and feel good dog stories type of book. Behan explores deep and abstract concepts of the emotional capacity of our dogs and ourselves. His main thesis is that a dog is a living, walking, breathing sonogram of the emotional dynamic within its owner.

In other words, "our emotional mind is an animal mind...therefore what's fundamental in the emotional dynamic between a dog and owner isn't the human reading a human in the animal, but the animal reading the animal in the human." Or to put it simply, behaviour and personality are a manifestation and expression of emotion and feelings [a dog is] picking up from the ones with whom its bonded.

Phew..... More on what this "energy state" means later. Now I need a coffee.

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