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2hr Single Adult Dog Consult (6 months+)

An in-home workshop aimed at addressing specific training goals.

  • 2 hours
  • 355 Australian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

During session we focus on your wish list and establish skills to get your training on the road to improving your relationship with your dog. Like any relationship we need to build a foundation of trust and respect. This involves developing clear communication, consistency, fairness, fun, enrichment, peaceful living, and being a leader or parent to our dog for his or her life. We work on bridging the misunderstandings that sometimes develop between human and dog. Please note we are relationship / balanced trainers and use systems of tonal contrast, energy/body language, position, gentle leash pressure methods, and best practise canine communication. Its all about creating healthy boundaries and respect, not extremes of reward or punishment. Everyone is different and every dog is different. While there are some general principles overarching human-canine communication protocols, which we teach in session, its up to the owner/parent to develop their unique communication and style with their dog. Common problems such as pulling on the lead, excessive barking and jumping, overexcitability, secure vs insecure attachment, and other handling principles are covered in session to get you started. As any method takes time, you must be prepared to understand dogs are dynamic, and they cannot be programmed like a computer. We are a part of that dynamic and must understand our part in the process towards change.

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