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Image by Eric Ward


I work with so many amazing dogs and owners! I thought I'd start a page dedicated to snapshots of owners and their dogs.

My Dogs xx

Team Koji

Wally and Gromit & Friends

Handsome Hamish!

The Star Team Award

A special shout-out to Marni the GSD, Marni's human dad, and the whole family for all the amazing effort to train and support her.

Misty the Mischievous Greyhound Puppy

Her Human parents are doing a great job working on ways to help channel her energy!

Thor's New World

When I met Thor and his owner, I just knew they'd be a team to reckon with. They learned and absorbed in one session, and they were off!! I'm so impressed with your progress so far!

Team Lexie + Milo

This unlikely but super good looking duo are learning how a chilled walk can be so much better than a stressy walk. Yay for the team.

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